Investor Resources offer by Mitch Deminski

I have been a real estate investor for over 25 years. I struggled getting started and once I did, I made a lot of mistakes that I had to learn the hard way. With my continued search for education, it wasn’t until I spoke to other investors about what worked that I started to get really good at real estate investing. I find that books, tapes and webinars can only got you so far until you start experiencing the day to day of real estate investing. Speaking with experienced investors really put me on the track to financial independence. Isn’t that what we’re trying to do!?

What makes me qualified to coach? I owned a real estate brokerage specializing in working with investors. As a broker, I trained my agents helped people “find it, fix it and fill it” by offering investor insights not typically found in this industry. First, most of my agents are investors themselves and then we offered property management services to ensure a great experience of owning real estate. Before I sold the property management division, we had over 200 clients with over 500 doors under management so yes, you learn some things over 20 years. I currently have 31 properties worth over $6,000,000 and have also flipped 75 homes.

If you want something more personal, Iam now offering coaching for anyone who wants a more personal education. One on one with me and we can discuss anything you wish. I am your board of directors, sounding board, financial trainer and even a marriage counselor at times.We can cover anything you wish like:

This personal coaching cost $500 for 3 hours. If I had this type of access to an outside professional, I would have reached my financial goals 7 years sooner. The sole purpose is to shorten your learning curve in real estate investing which could easily save you thousands in the long run

Email me at to set up a 10-minute call to find out more or to get signed up today!

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